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VICLab Charter


The Virtual IOT Cyber Lab will define a concrete method for different organizations to collaborate on IOT cyber security data.

Expected outputs

Within the VICLab workstream we will undertake the following activities:

  • Problem statement: a simple clear statement defining the problem to be solved, including a distillation of high level requirements
  • Legal framework: define a set of terms and conditions under which organsisation can share data
  • Specifications: the APIs and data structures through which information is shared
  • Operations: a functioning portal for the sharing of the key information

All D3Events WG activities will take place under the ManySecured SIG Legal Agreement as set out in the ManySecured SIG Application Form and associated Annexes. SIG Members are required to complete and sign this Agreement, copies of which are available on request using the contact form at:


WG Editor: Nick Allott Document Public Working Drafts:

Document Management

The VICLab Work Group uses GitHub for storing documents, coordinating input/work among the members, version control and tracking changes.