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SNbD Charter


SNbD workstream is incorporating secure by design concepts into the networking ecosystem. It will examine how we build memory secure routers and networking devices using CHERI other memory secure technologies. It will also examine what it mean to build a secure network ecosystem, which can communicate and translate the benefits of the security enhances that memory protection provides, between networked devices.

Expected outputs

  • Open source implementation of a CHERI hardened router (code)
  • Security analysis of the impacts of CHERI like interventions (document)
  • Tools to evaluate impacts of CHERI like interventions (code)

All SNbD WG activities will take place under the ManySecured SIG Legal Agreement set out in the ManySecured SIG Application Form and associated Annexes. SIG Members are required to complete and sign this Agreement, copies of which are available on request using the contact form at:


WG Editor: Alexandru Mereacre

Document Public Working Drafts:

Document Management

The SNbD Work Group uses GitHub to store documents, coordinate input/work among the members, control versions, and track changes.

This document is open for comments, if you have feedback you wish to contribute get in touch at and include [SNbD DOCS] in the subject line.