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D3 Charter


The Distributed Device Descriptors (D3) workstream addresses a number of problems:

  1. How does a community make statements about device types (as opposed to device instances), reliably and securely?
  2. How can the community reason about devices reliably, whether this reasoning is human-centric or machine-centric?

D3 provides structured data of known provenance, which can be used to assert claims about how IoT devices should behave

Expected outputs

Within the D3 workstream, we expect to undertake the following activities:

  • Problem statement: a fine-grained analysis of the problem scope
  • Technical requirements: high-level technical requirements which:
    • embody the problem statement
    • forms a benchmark for evaluating the completeness of and quality of a proposed solution
  • Specification: a detailed technical document defining the formal interfaces and data schemas used to embody the solution

A consolidated whitepaper will be produced to provide a general-purpose introduction to D3, D3Events and DCon, the problem they solve and the overarching approach we will take in the solution.

All D3 WG activities will take place under the ManySecured SIG Legal Agreement set out in the ManySecured SIG Application Form and associated Annexes. SIG Members are required to complete and sign this Agreement, copies of which are available on request using the contact form at:


WG Chair: Nick Allott

Document Public Working Drafts:

Document Management

The D3 Work Group uses GitHub to store documents, coordinate input/work among the members, control versions, and track changes.

This document is open for comments, if you have feedback you wish to contribute get in touch at and include [D3 DOCS] in the subject line.