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D3 Sources

Receiving D3 Claims

Any D3 agent is able to receive D3 claims from one or more sources.

There is no prescribed way by which this is done.

Potential options may be

  • REST
  • Websocket
  • gRPC

The D3Events interface is an example of a D3 source. It encapsulates discrete D3 claims pertaining to network events.

D3 claims will typically be received as a stream. The standardised issue date on the claim will provide an ordering on this stream.

The D3 agent can assemble these events into a searchable database, in order to efficiently analyse historical events. Currently this is left as an implementation detail.

Publishing D3 claims

Any D3 agent can act as D3 source for other D3 agents. Again there is no prescribed way this is done, but typically it will be as a stream.

The D3 claims published by a D3 agent can be

  • claims this D3 agent has issued, and therefore this D3 agent will be the signatory of the claim
  • claims issued (signed by) other entities, in this case the D3 agent is acting as an aggregator or forwarder of events.

Which claims the D3 agent publishes (makes available) at any one time is an application specific detail.